Multi Level Marketing is the single GREATEST way to leverage your time and resources to make a fortune provided you know the secrets of the MLM industry. The main reason while people fail in ANY home based business is because we basically quit. The two main reasons why people quit is because 1. we run out of leads and prospects and 2. we run out of funds for advertising etc. Of work there's plenty of other subordinate reasons for example: poor training, poor marketing skills or we run out of patients while waiting to achieve the “break even point” etc.


I have been involved with the MLM industry for almost 5 years now and have discovered some key secrets to Monavie success and it was not easy. I took me plenty of years and plenty of lumps on the head while learning them. Now I’ll share my secrets with you.

Secret #1:

Your MLM business has nothing to DO with your company or your products! Seriously. People aren't looking for a company to join - they're looking for a person to join. A LEADER. someone who can show them the them to the top. Did you ever consider that the amount of funds you make is a direct measure of your worth to society? It's TRUE! That’s why a surgeon or an engineer makes so much over say a fast-food worker or a cab driver....! And it's no different in network marketing. If you require to increase your income, well, then you've got to increase your value to society!

See, people like to buy from those we admire and respect. Those that can offer them real value. That's why, when you become truly valuable to others, you never have to "sell" anything. You never have to try and convince somebody. People come to you, already wanting what you have! It's called 'Attraction Marketing'...and it's  the only way to become a successful marketer in the net age.

So....the most important thing you could ever do if you require to become wealthy, regardless of your occupation, is to increase your value to others by increasing your knowledge, experience, and skill sets. That's where you start. That's what I did -- I tore up my dialing schedule and my phone scripts, stopped placing expensive ads, stopped prospecting and cold-calling, and I started to EDUCATE myself. I read, I researched, I studied -- everything and anything about marketing I could get my hands on.

And that's when everything started to change...

How did I solve the two problems mentioned in the first paragraph? Your marketing campaign will require to have what’s called a self-funded marketing system or more commonly known as a “A Funded Proposal”. Essentially what this means is ways to have your advertising methods pay for themselves. For example in the early 2008 I used a funded proposals the help grow my network marketing organization to well over 600 people in a very short amount of time.

I offered a very low cost MLM marketing training booklet. I placed a display advertisement in a business opportunity magazine. This first campaign generated about $7,000.00 in sales and hundreds of qualified MLM leads, prospects and paying customers. I mailed the booklet with an offer on how we could make Make funds speedy by becoming an affiliate distributor of my booklet. A percentage of my customers would accept the offer and we began marketing the booklet. I began to see ads for my booklet all over the place and I do mean EVERYWHERE. It spread like a raging forest fire. YUREKA! That’s when I realized I was  onto something here.

So why don’t all these mlm companies teach you these marketing techniques? Well the answer is  elementary actually. Most of these companies are founded by people seriously passionate about their product. Most however have zero, nada, zip education or experience in the fields of sales and marketing. So what do we do? Spend millions of dollars trying to figure out how to promote their products. NOPE! we use a network of independent distributors with the compensation plan in the form of a multi-level commission structure or more commonly known as a multilevel marketing and network marketing business. This essentially transfers ALL the risk to its distributors. So it’s no surprise why a high percentage of people who join an mlm network marketing company never make a dime and quit.

I never again had to do any more of my own advertising because hundreds of people where now marketing my booklets for me. I also offered a dropship service to my affiliates. we took in the funds directly and then sent me two weekly check with a list of all the addressees to mail the booklets to. All my affiliates where generating list with hundreds of names. Then we began our direct marketing campaigns to all our customers. Not until after we’ve built a relationship with our affiliates and customers did we begin promoting our MLM business opportunity to them. Now that we liked and trusted me and confident in my marketing abilities we would follow me into any mlm program. This my friends is how you build a HUGE MLM downline in a short amount of time.

Secret #2:

While I’m on the topic of new companies do you know you can purchase a application program like mlm in a box find any product and start your own mlm company from your garage? In fact in the 90’s there were plenty of companies popping up all over. I even heard of a company that was founded while the owner was in prison. People would joined these companies spent thousands of dollars promoting the company and their products to find out a few months later that the company and we  were now out of business. And when we went into another company very few if anyone would follow them. It’s called "follow the leader" and not "follow the loser". People require to follow the Leader it’s ingrained into our DNA  like when we were small children and played follow the leader. The mistake we made was promoting the company and products  than promoting themselves. If you promote and brand your self as a leader with a proven systematic approach to marketing people will follow you and your system wherever you lead then because we know you can  help them become succesful.

How do some people join MLM and within a few months build an organization with over 10,000 people?

Answer: we DID NOT!

we spent years promoting themselves as “top MLM leaders” and building these huge downlines in another company. For whatever reason we decide to move to Monavie we basically inform there downlines and the people will follow!

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